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In construction; anticipated completion Spring 2021


Callicoon Center, NY


  • 4,700 sf barn + 2,200 sf deck

  • 5 bathrooms, including 1 ADA

  • Two 17' x 12' operational barn doors

  • Pond, trail, bridge, ceremony site, fire pit, and two streams on the grounds.

Since its heyday in the 50s and 60s, this sprawling resort has seen a few owners and a handful of temporary piecemeal upgrades.  Now under new ownership, the resort is undergoing a full and comprehensive retrofit: retro-modern design, sought-after amenities, modern energy code compliance, ADA accessibility, etc.

Accompanying all the upgrades is something new: an event space and grounds suited for everything from corporate retreats and family reunions to picture-perfect weddings.  A 150-year-old hand-hewn English haypress barn was transported and rebuilt on this site, and construction is in progress to transform it into a fully-functional event venue.  We're adding bathrooms, decks, and large window walls tucked behind the existing barn doors; we're touching up the interiors for modern convenience and safety while respecting the historical aesthetics of the barn; we're adding a new trail and bridge leading to a gorgeous natural waterside clearing, an ideal ceremony location.

Keeping checking back for photos of the finished barn, as well as progress on the rest of the resort's grounds. And check out Farmhouse Catskills and Callicoon Hills for more information.

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