The architectural studio of Buck Moorhead is committed to quality.  The pursuit and achievement of quality permeates the fabric of all of our decision-making, be it with respect to the development of a master plan for a hamlet or the design of a door.


Our foremost goal is to design projects that are integrated closely within the context of the systems in which they exist—social and economic—while understanding the priorities of the system elements.


Simultaneously, we are always respectful and attentive to the over-arching ecological system within which our projects reside, an ecological system with its own intricate set of elements: atmospheric, hydrologic, climatic and geologic, to name a few.


It is the dynamic tension between the pursuits of how we want to live our lives and the essential integration of those pursuits within that elaborate ecosystem that lead to solutions that are somewhat prismatic in their characters and far richer than they otherwise would have been.


It is this multi-faceted quality that educates, entertains, and enlightens us; it is the quality that gives our effort its reason for being.


We are committed to completing architectural projects addressing a broad range and scale of design issues in the environment: sustainable community planning, new construction and renovation of commercial and residential facilities utilizing Passive House strategies, and the design of furniture and smaller scale objects.


Buck Moorhead, Principal




Buck is a licensed architect in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland and is an International Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) and a North American Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC).


After graduating from University of Virginia’s School of Architecture, Buck worked with Frank Folsom Smith and Partners in Charlottesville, Virginia, primarily on housing and the execution of a planned-unit development. It was the era of the oil embargo and sustainability was a nascent, emergent strategy. Buck designed structures with trombe walls, double wall houses, active solar hot water heaters funded by Jimmy Carter’s programs, and visited the sustainable community efforts in California and Oregon, including Sim Van Der Ryn’s planned Marin Solar Village, Village Solar Homes in Davis, and Cerro Gordo.


Upon arriving in NYC in 1980, Buck worked initially with Proposition:Architecture,P.C., primarily on the adaptive reuse of existing commercial and manufacturing buildings to residential lofts in Lower Manhattan. His work included the subdivision of floors to residential units, the introduction of new mechanical shafts for services, and new lobbies within the typically 60,000 square foot buildings.


He also studied the fine art of painting and its relationship to architectural design in NYU’s graduate program. One of his painted renderings of a Park Avenue penthouse was exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Buck founded Buck Moorhead Architect in 1984.


The firm has worked on a very diverse range of projects over the years, coming from Buck’s never-ending curiosity to design at different scales and within a variety of building types. Part of that has been fueled by the recognition and understanding that one can enrich design solutions through the cross-pollination of solutions from one building type to another.


The firm’s work, therefore, has included:

- outdoor café structures in NYC parks, such as Pier i Café along the Hudson River, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Wine Bar

- an energy-efficient addition to a historic library in upstate New York

- energy-efficient and sustainable office renovations

- Passive House single family house designs, including one for Habitat for Humanity

- energy-efficient multi-family housing for the military

- the design of a conceptual Master Plan for a hamlet in the Upper Delaware region

- the 240,000 SF conversion of a Soho loft building to offices,

- brownstone renovations

- jewelry showrooms

- psychiatric offices

- dental offices

- the design for a multi-generational park

- the creation of a “mews” in an upstate hamlet

- the design of a passive water collection system for a community garden


In 2000, Buck broadened his range of interests to include large-scale regional land use planning in the Upper Delaware. He studied land use law and collaborative governance in the LULA program offered by the Pace Land Use Law Center. He studied consensus building and land use mediation at the Consensus Building Institute. He studied ad-hoc regional collaboration.


Using these skills, Buck has facilitated ad-hoc regional collaborative efforts in the Upper Delaware.  This includes:

- serving on the steering committee for Common Waters, a group dedicated to protecting water resources and forests, and

- co-facilitating for the Upper Delaware River Roundtable, which is focused on regional land use issues and agriculture.


Buck has also facilitated meetings in the Upper Delaware around public river access, and is presently assisting in designing community engagement for a proposed project integrating art with sustainability in the Bronx.


Buck assists the Pace Land Use Law Center in the training of local municipal officials and community opinion leaders throughout the region, including the mid-Hudson River valley and the Upper Delaware, specifically in the areas of collaborative processes and techniques.


Buck was a founding member of NYH2O, the first nonprofit citizens advocacy group based in New York City dedicated to protecting New York's water resources from the threat posed by fracking.

Buck is presently a board member of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, a non-profit fighting fracking and the expansion of our fossil fuel infrastructure.

Buck is also presently a board member of CALL // City As Living Laboratory, a non-profit organization focused on making issues of sustainability tangible through the arts.


Buck is a vice-president on the board of New York Passive House, an organization dedicated to promoting building energy conservation through Passive House strategies.


Buck was formerly on the board of September's Mission, a 9/11 victims families organization.


He also served for many years on the board of the Downtown United Soccer Club, providing soccer programs for the youth of Lower Manhattan.


Buck has completed 17 multi-day, several-hundred-mile bicycle rides raising funds to support HIV/AIDS related programs and research.




Laura Carter



Laura joined Buck Moorhead Architect in 2011.  She is a licensed architect in New York.


Prior to earning her masters degree, Laura worked as the office manager of a small architecture firm in Chicago.  She comes to Buck Moorhead Architect with strong interests in sustainable design, project management and responsible land use.  


A LEED Accredited Professional since 2007, Laura became a Certified Passive House Designer in 2014 and continues to further her knowledge of sustainable building practices in the challenging urban context of New York City.


Laura is a 2006 graduate of Archeworks, Chicago's Alternative Design School ©.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in urban geography from DePaul University and a Master of Architecture from the Pratt Institute.



Remy Moorhead



Remy joined Buck Moorhead Architect in 2017. 


Before joining Buck Moorhead Architect, Remy worked with two large-scale Architecture and Real Estate Development firms, focusing primarily on the design and development of new construction in New York City. She also has experience in the environmental non-profit industry, where she worked to bridge the gap between the sciences and the arts to make issues of sustainability more intelligible through artist-initiated public works projects.

Remy achieved her Passive House Designer certification shortly after joining BMA in 2018. Her career focus is high performance, net zero carbon, and net zero energy building design. 

Remy graduated from the University of Virginia School of Architecture, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, with a concentration in Design-Thinking. This distinguished degree explores a new approach to design which puts research and human experience at its center. The result is a more holistic approach to design, in which simple solutions are built to address and execute across the entire ecosystem of complex design problems.

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