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  • Bedrooms: 1 (open sleeping loft)

  • Bathrooms: 1

Passive House Features

  • Air tightness: 0.6 ACH or better (design value)

  • Insulation: Slab, exterior walls and roof R-50+

  • Windows: Triple-glazed, Low-e

  • Ventilation: Heat recovery ventilation system

Cute, compact, ingenious… and a little weird…the Ewok has been designed according to Passive House standards. For you lone wolves and empty-nesters, this house has everything you need to get in touch with your inner self. Painter? Sculptor? Woodworker? Photographer? Or maybe you just have a massive collection of vintage action figures? An efficient service core (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, mechanical) stays tucked into the corner, leaving you with a light-flooded open floor plan to do with as you please. An extra-wide sliding door on the first floor makes it easy to ride in on your hobby horse and the lofted sleeping space ensures that you've got a clean place to crash at the end of the day. The Ewok even comes with an extra-powerful ventilation system to keep the paint fumes and sawdust from becoming your permanent roommates.

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