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Energy Benchmarking

Local Law 97

NYC's Climate Mobilization Act

Local Law 97 is a key piece of legislation that was passed as part of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act. LL97 establishes and enforces stringent carbon emission limits for existing buildings, which account for roughly 70% of the total GHG emissions in NYC.

To reach the city-wide goal of reducing total carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, buildings will need to meet specific emissions targets defined by their use type. Owners that do not meet their targets will incur potentially substantial fines beginning in 2025.


For additional information:


Passive House Institute



US Passive House Institute



NY Passive House (NYPH)

Acme Passive

Acme Passive analyzes projects at all stages of life and provides detailed, best practice strategies along the primary tenets of the Passive House construction standard:


  • superinsulation and thermal-bridge-free construction

  • air- and wind-tight exterior envelope

  • ventilation and heat/energy recovery

  • high performance windows and doors

  • solar optimization and shading strategies


Curious about doing a full Passive House retrofit of an existing building but aren't sure what it would entail?


Have a blank site and want to figure out the optimal size/shape/orientation of a potential new project?


Interested in discovering what incremental improvements can be made to your existing house to lower energy expenses and increase heating and cooling efficiency?


Live in a multi-unit building and worry there's nothing you can do about the lack of insulation and leaky walls?


Using a variety of tools, Acme Passive can help you address all of the above issues and anything in between.  Shading and solar studies establish the constraints and opportunities inherent with any potential project site.  Analysis of thermal bridges (spots where building materials transfer heat and cold from the exterior due to lack of proper insulation) in an existing building provides an inventory of critical details to address during potential remediation efforts.  Full parametric studies of existing and potential buildings can be employed to give a hyper-detailed, specific roadmap to full Passive House compliance.

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