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Callicoon Library Addition

Completed addition

Callicoon Library Addition

Exterior window detail

Callicoon Library Addition

Interior light shaft

Callicoon Library Addition

Before addition



For its 100th birthday, this public library treated itself to a whole lot more than cake.  This beloved and historic building has long been stymied by its lack of 21st century amenities and standards for accessibility.  Growth, programming, collections and upgrades were limited by precarious access to its lower and upper levels, effectively rendering 2/3 of the building off limits to primary library functions.  Taking advantage of some extra lot space, we added a strong, super-insulated, 3-story addition and elevator to the rear of the building.  Existing window openings were turned into new doorways in order to minimize demolition façade.  Interior finishes, like stamped metal ceilings, were chosen for their ability to complement the library's historic interiors.  For the exterior, a panelized fiber cement board rain screen siding system utilizes modern materials and technologies, while its offset patterning provides a nod to the past.


  • 3-story hydraulic lift

  • ICF (insulated concrete form) construction

  • Rainscreen siding

  • New ADA-compliant bathroom


Callicoon, NY

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