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55 East 11th Street


55 East 11th Street

New York, NY

Architectural excellence future-proofs our buildings. This roof replacement project for a 12-story cooperative building in Union Square exemplifies our commitment to this practice, even in utilitarian pursuits.


Installation of a new super-insulated Kemper liquid membrane roofing system included superior waterproofing, drainage, and structural detailing to meet the demands of this technical project. We also designed a new mechanical dunnage platform, to be seated above the roof & provide access to an existing water tower above. The integration of this platform was a key element in our efforts to prepare the building for the installation of future heat pump equipment to serve tenants, an essential component of a fast approaching electrified building stock.

We are proud to be pioneers in future-proofing buildings for electrification. This intervention at the roof level represents the first critical step in optimizing the building envelope for energy efficiency and thermal comfort, and signifies our firm-wide commitment to envelope-first, environmentally responsible design. 

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